What are your delivery options?

Custom Crating Ltd will deliver crates in /Christchurch and surrounding areas. A delivery fee applies and is included in the quote. Delivery of crates outside of Christchurch will incur freight costs as quoted by freighting companies. This cost is included in the quote.

Crates can be collected from Custom Crating Ltd. Contact Ian to arrange a suitable collection time.

What about certification?

Export timber must be heat treated and stamped to the ISPM15 specification. Custom Crating Ltd uses treated, stamped timber and supplies the appropriate certification. Any other specifications such as insurance or customs declarations for products remain the customers responsibility.

Will you pack my goods into the crate?

Custom Crating supplies crates only. Packing is the responsibility of the customer. Custom Crating will work with specialist packaging companies if required.

Is there a weight limit?

Custom Crating Ltd will build crates to accommodate any weight, with strengthened base if necessary. Ian will ask you to supply an approximate weight before quoting.

How heavy are the wooden shipping crates?

Custom Crating Ltd are able to supply the crate weight once it is assembled.

Is there height limit for crates?

Air freight has height limits. Contact your freight forwarder for advice.

Do you sell ISPM15 timber separately?

Yes, we can. We only have certain sizes of timber and we sell per metre rate. Contact Ian for more information.

Christchurch owner Ian Coppard offers a personalised service to make sure you get just the right crate for your needs. 
With more than 25 years experience in the business, Ian can offer the best solutions. 

Get in touch to organise your custom crate needs.

Due to the design & build nature of Custom Crating Ltd we cannot offer set prices. Email your item measurements for an estimate.


Ian Coppard, Custom Crating Ltd

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